Tannus Armour Review
Tannus Tire Armour Inserts Review (10,000 miles+)
Getting a flat tire sucks! Getting a flat tire on an ebike is even more suckier! (suckier?) So what is the best way to reduce getting flats? Welcome, Tannus Tire Armour Inserts! Tannus Tire Armour Inserts...
Old Man Mountain Rack box opened
Old Man Mountain Rack Review (9,000 Miles and Counting!)
The Old Man Mountain rear rack is simply the best solution for full-suspension mountain bikes and it’s a great rack for any bike as well! I have had this rack on my full-suspension electric mountain...
Park Tool PCS 9.s repair stand folded and opened up
Best Value Ebike Home Repair Stand (Park Tool PCS 9.3)
Did you just get a new electric bike and join the club? Congratulations! If you ordered your new ebike online then you may want to be able to do repairs at home and the Park Tool PCS 9.3 home repair stand...
All of my gloves on the floor
What are the Best Gloves for Electric Bikes? (Ultimate Summer to Winter Glove Guide)
Gloves and electric bikes go hand in hand! 🙂 One thing you will learn when you start riding an electric bike is that you go faster than a normal bike. This means more wind chill on your precious fingers...
What's in the Bag
7 Essential Things You Should Bring on Every Bike Commute (and Why!)
In this article, I will dump out my bag and show you the Power Kit that I bring on every bike commute (every ride, actually) and the six things that are always in it. Bring these with you so you can be...

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Sun setting over a mountain with Chris and his ebike in front

Hello, my name is Chris Phillips and I am not just an ebike enthusiast, I also ride, sell, and service electric bikes. I have ridden over 12,000 miles on electric bikes in the last 2 years, and have discovered a passion for alternative transportation.  Riding electric bikes has changed my life and I now feel like I was born to ride! I would love to help you feel that way too!


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