Unlock Lectric
How To Unlock Lectric XP 2.0 For Higher Top Speed (Freewheel Upgrade)
I will show you how to adjust your hidden settings to increase how fast your Lectric XP 2.0 can go and how to install a new freewheel so that you can engage the pedals at higher speeds. You will need...
looking down a bicycle chain from behind
How to Maintain Your Electric Bike Chain
The chain on an electric bike will get more abuse and higher torque than a chain on a regular bike and therefore, proper chain maintenance is even more crucial. The best practices for maintaining your...
looking down a dirt road from the saddle of an electric bike
What Is It Like To Ride an Electric Bike for the First Time?
Riding an electric bike is simply amazing and words do not do it justice. I have customers come into the shop and I try to explain ebikes to them, but it’s not until they take one out for a test ride that...
Little guy on a balance bike
What Is an Electric Balance or Push Bike for Kids? 
Let’s not forget about the kids! Balance bikes for kids are a great way to help train your child to learn to balance on a bicycle. Most kids can go straight from a balance bike to a regular bike and skip...
Lectric Settings
How to Set Up Your Lectric XP 2.0 (All Settings Explained)
The Lectric XP 2.0 has many different customizable settings so that you can make the bike ride just the way you like it. But, these settings can be a bit confusing and hard to figure out. In this article,...
Do Electric Bikes Need To Be Registered in the US?
We have to register our cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and even mopeds but not regular bikes. So what about electric bikes, do we have to register those? Here, I will explain why you may want to register...
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Let’s Ride!

Sun setting over a mountain with Chris and his ebike in front

Hello, my name is Chris Phillips and I am not just an ebike enthusiast, I also ride, sell, and service electric bikes. I have ridden over 12,000 miles on electric bikes in the last 2 years, and have discovered a passion for alternative transportation.  Riding electric bikes has changed my life and I now feel like I was born to ride! I would love to help you feel that way too!


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