What Is an Electric Balance or Push Bike for Kids? 

Little guy on a balance bike

Let’s not forget about the kids! Balance bikes for kids are a great way to help train your child to learn to balance on a bicycle. Most kids can go straight from a balance bike to a regular bike and skip the training wheels. Now, we have electric balance bikes that help even more!

An electric balance or push bike, is a small, 2 wheeled bike, with no pedals yet it does have a saddle, handlebars, and low-powered motor, that will help your little one learn to balance on a bike and skip the training wheels.

These cool little bikes are usually referred to as balance bikes here in the states but are also called push bikes.

I wish these things were around when I was growing up, they look pretty cool and will get your kiddo up and riding a bike in no time!

These electric balance bikes are also a great way to start a youngster off if you think they might be interested in dirt bike riding.

Are Electric Balance Bikes Safe?

Electric balance bikes are just as safe as regular balance bikes. The speed limit can be set to as low as 5 mph, and balance bikes are actually easier to keep upright when moving at a steady pace than with inconsistent speed.

As with any bike, whether it’s for kids or adults, the rider should always be using a helmet and extra pads can be added, such as knee and elbow pads.

These electric balance bikes are not designed to be ripping around at high speeds, they are just to help a smaller child practice balancing upright on a bike.

There are no pedals and your child can put their feet down and touch the ground with ease at any time.

Most models will have little footplates that sit down where the cranks would normally be and your kid’s feet can be rested on them while throttling around. They can even learn to stand up on these footplates.

It is best to start your child at a speed that they can already do a regular balance bike at and have them work their way up to faster speeds as they begin to show more proficiency. 

How Fast Does an Electric Balance Bike Go?

The speed of an electric balance bike can be set by the supervising adult to 5mph and up to 9mph or even 13mph depending on the size of the balance bike your child can fit.

As a parent, you have control over how fast you think your child is ready for. Start off slow and work your way up when your child proves they have the skills.

Kids can usually go about 5 to 9 mph on a regular balance bike, so these electric ones are not going to let them rip around at unsafe speeds.

Typical walking speed is between 2 to 4mph, so these are only going a little faster than walking. But, you have control over the speed limit.

Just start your kid off slow and when they get the hang of it and you feel comfortable letting them try out a little higher speed, then you can reset the speed limit up to the next setting.

What Is the Range of an Electric Balance Bike?

The average range or run time of an electric balance bike is 30 to 60 minutes. These little bikes have little batteries and do run for very long.

Keep in mind that this run time is for use of the throttle and the bike can be used as a regular balance bike by pushing with your feet.

The range will depend on how much your little one weighs and if there are some hills you will be trying to go up.

With more actual pushing occurring then this range can be extended.

Where Can I Buy an Electric Balance Bike?

There are a number of different companies making electric balance bikes these days including StacyC, GasGas, and even Harley Davidson!

The Prices range from $799 to $1069 and come in 12” and 16” versions.

StacyC electric balance bikes can be found here → https://stacyc.com/

GasGas electric balance bikes can be found here – https://www.gasgas.com/en-ca/models/electric-balance-bikes.html

Harley Davidson electric balance bikes can be found here –


At the End of the Day

Balance bikes have become a great way to allow your little one to learn how to stay upright while riding a bike without having to deal with training wheels.

At first glance, an electric balance bike might seem like an unsafe way of accomplishing this and for some kids, this may not be the best option.

But if your child seems like they will be riding a bike as soon as they can fit one and you want to have them try something fun before they are able to reach the pedals, then an electric balance bike might be the perfect fit.

If you are curious to see one of these electric balance bikes in action, then check out the video below and you can determine if it’s something you think your child is capable of!