Why Do Electric Bikes Have Small Wheels?
More and more people are riding around on electric bikes with small wheels and I’ve been wondering why this is? So I bought one to find out! Electric bikes have small wheels because they are easier to...
Why Do Electric Bikes Have Pedals?
Electric bikes have motors but are not like motorcycles or mopeds. You do have pedals on your electric bike and depending on whether or not you have a throttle, you will need to use them! Electric bikes...
Guy on an ebike flying downhill
Do Electric Bikes Charge Going Downhill? When Braking?
It would make sense that you could charge an electric bike when going downhill or when applying the brakes, but the truth is that the power you’d get back does not make up for the loss in distance and...
Lectric XP 2.0 on a bridge overlooking the Deschutes River in Bend, OR
Why Should You Buy a Lectric XP Ebike in 2022? Owner’s Survey
In this article, I surveyed many different folks from a Lectric XP owner’s group I belong to and asked them Why they bought their Lectric XP ebike? and Whether or not they like it? The answers include...
a bunch of ebikes crowded into a charging station
Why Are Electric Bikes So Popular?
Electric bikes have quickly become the best-selling electric vehicle in the United States! Even beating out all the new fancy electric cars like Tesla. The popularity of electric bikes becomes quite apparent...
Haibike All Mtn 6.0 at the top of pilot butte in Bend, OR
11 Mistakes New Ebike Owners Make (How to Avoid Them)
I have sold many ebikes over the years and continue to see a handful of mistakes that people make after buying their first ebike. In this article, I will explain 11 of the mistakes new ebike owners make...

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Hello, my name is Chris Phillips and I am not just an ebike enthusiast, I also ride, sell, and service electric bikes. I have ridden over 12,000 miles on electric bikes in the last 2 years, and have discovered a passion for alternative transportation.  Riding electric bikes has changed my life and I now feel like I was born to ride! I would love to help you feel that way too!


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