The Mid-drive electric motor
What is a Mid-drive Ebike Motor and How Good Are They?
Electric bikes have 2 different options when it comes to the drive system. The motor is either in the hub of the wheel, helping provide power through the wheel (usually the rear), or it is in the lower,...
Ebike ACT - How Does It Work (1)
30% Off Electric Bikes? (EBIKE ACT Explained)
Wouldn’t it be great if the government gave us a tax credit when we bought an electric bike? The EBIKE ACT or “Electric Bicycle Incentive Kickstart for the Environment” ACT is a provision in the Build...
ebike money
The Hidden Cost of an Electric Bike
Electric bikes have become so good that they are effective replacements for our gas-powered vehicles. You can now use an electric bike for your daily commute, for school, and for trips to the store, but...
made in america
Are There Any Electric Bikes Made in the USA? (The Surprising Truth)
I’ve been in the bicycle industry for more than 20 years now and I can tell you that even though an electric bike brand is based in the USA, that brand’s electric bikes are not always made in the...
haibike all mtn 6.0 sunrise
Welcome to Pedal With Power!
Thank you for being here. Hello, my name is Chris Phillips and I am starting this blog to inform, inspire, and motivate you to look toward alternative forms of electric transportation for your everyday...
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Let’s Ride!

Sun setting over a mountain with Chris and his ebike in front

Hello, my name is Chris Phillips and I am not just an ebike enthusiast, I also ride, sell, and service electric bikes. I have ridden over 12,000 miles on electric bikes in the last 2 years, and have discovered a passion for alternative transportation.  Riding electric bikes has changed my life and I now feel like I was born to ride! I would love to help you feel that way too!


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