Why Are Electric Bikes So Popular?

a bunch of ebikes crowded into a charging station

Electric bikes have quickly become the best-selling electric vehicle in the United States! Even beating out all the new fancy electric cars like Tesla. The popularity of electric bikes becomes quite apparent once you have the pleasure of riding one. Try one out today and you’ll see!

  • Allow riders of different fitness levels to ride together
  • Can replace your car
  • Keep seniors active and feeling younger
  • Are now affordable
  • Allow people with injuries or disabilities to ride a bike
  • Eliminate the obstacles of traditional bike riding
  • Re-ignite your spark for cycling

The electric bike market in the US has almost doubled from 2019 to 2020 and if supply had been able to meet demand, 2021 would have seen record numbers. The popularity of electric bikes is far outpacing the supply, so don’t wait to get yours!

There are many reasons why electric bikes are so popular and in this article, I will go over just a few of the biggest reasons everybody is talking about ebikes! 

Electric Bikes Allow Riders of Different Fitness Levels to Ride Together

Easily, one the best reasons electric bikes are so popular is that ebikes are allowing people who have never ridden together before to out on their first rides together. Some people are just able to ride again after not having ridden a bike in years!

I just did a survey on Facebook about why people bought their electric bikes and had many who answered say that they can ride with their wife, husband, grandchildren, and friends now.

Riding an electric bike can give you the confidence to hop back in the saddle and get out there like never before. Just allow the motor to help when needed and you can ride with even the fittest cycler and have a blast!

To learn more, check out my article – “5 Way Ebike Allow Partners to Ride Together Again”

An Electric Bike Can Replace Your Car

I have personally replaced over 9,000 miles worth of car trips in the last 3 years by riding an electric bike instead. Just add a rack and a bag and it’s off you go.

If you have a commute to work or school that is less than 20 miles, consider trying out an electric bike. Even once a month to start. Every little bit counts when it comes to helping the environment. You will save loads of money on gas too!

Here’s another good read – “Can an Ebike Replace a Car? What to Expect if You Do”

Electric Bikes Help Keep Seniors Active and Feeling Younger

In my Facebook survey, the vast majority of replies were from people over the age of 65 and just wanting to get out and be active again. Riding an electric bike seemed like the best answer and they are loving it!

With many retired folks hopping in the RV and hitting the road, bringing electric bikes instead of towing another car has become the go-to method of getting around.

Many active senior communities and RV camping hotspots are seeing a surge of folks that are now zipping around on their ebikes with big smiles on their faces. Don’t miss this boat!

Electric Bikes Are Now Affordable

When electric bikes first came out, like all new technology, they were very expensive and just did not work all that well.

Well, a lot has changed over the last few years and now you can get an entry-level ebike for about $1000 and if you have the means, you can get a really amazing ebike for around $3000.

The cost of driving is going up and showing no signs of slowing down. While drivers are getting more and more distracted and highways are getting more congested, isn’t time you tried something different.

Going for a ride out of town and enjoying a country road by ebike is one of the best ways to just recharge your own batteries while you are draining the ebike’s. 🙂

Far less than buying even a used car these days and way better for your health, your spirit, and the environment!

Electric Bikes Allow People With Injuries or Disabilities to Ride a Bike

The Facebook survey I did was quite illuminating to me about people that have had serious injuries and could not ride a bike anymore.

They decided to try an ebike and are now getting out and riding again.

I had someone with herniated discs that can now pedal an ebike, one gentleman had had 4 knee operations, and riding his ebike is allowing his leg to move again, another lady is now riding after receiving a new hip.

There is also a company called Outrider USA that makes 3 and 4 wheeled adaptive electric bikes that allow people with severe disabilities to get out and enjoy riding. Outrider USA is one of the few electric bike companies making ebikes in the US!

If you’d like to know more about Outrider USA, I featured them in my article –  “Are There any Electric Bikes Made in the USA? (The Surprising Truth)” They make some really cool stuff! (there’s videos!)

Electric BIkes Eliminate the Obstacles of Traditional Bike Riding

Riding a bike requires a certain level of fitness and coordination that not even has. So just getting into cycling can be a chore, let alone keeping yourself motivated enough to actually get out and ride.

Electric bikes make pedaling far easier and climbing up hills an absolute treat!

I can’t count how many times I have been feeling cooped up indoors but lacked the energy to go out for a traditional bike ride. It’s these times when I know I have my ebike waiting for me that I can hop on, and even a planned, short ride, usually turns into a 10 or 15-mile jaunt.

It’s really easy to talk yourself out of riding a regular bike but after you own an ebike you will find yourself looking forward to going out for a ride.

Electric Bikes Can Re-ignite Your Spark For Cycling

When I was younger I used to ride almost every day and almost everywhere. Then as life began to get in the way and I got older, cycling took a back seat.

After discovering the joys of riding an ebike, I began to find my joy of riding my regular bike again too. On the regular bike, I will load up all my gear and go on multi-day adventures now because of how good of shape I got into from ebiking.

My electric bike allowed me to get out on rides again and feel the freedom that I once relished. It was like a tiny ember had remained from my cycling days and the electric bike was just the spark I needed to rekindle that fire!

Last year I completed my first ultra-endurance bikepacking challenge, something I had wanted to do for decades and it wasn’t until after riding an ebike that I was able to get to that spot.

If you have never tried an electric bike, I would highly recommend that you do. It will put a smile on your face and possibly spark an old flame that you still have.

At the End of the Day

Electric bikes are not just a passing fad. Soon you will see more people riding electric bikes than riding regular bikes. 

The popularity of ebikes is growing as more people get past the initial “I don’t think I’m ready for an ebike yet” phase and just go out and try one.

You still pedal like a normal bike, it’s just a lot more fun! Don’t be the last person you know to finally take the plunge.

The only thing I hear from people after buying an electric bike is that they wish they had got one sooner.