Do Electric Bikes Need To Be Registered in the US?

We have to register our cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and even mopeds but not regular bikes. So what about electric bikes, do we have to register those? Here, I will explain why you may want to register your ebike and which ones have to be registered.

If your electric bike is a Class 1, 2, or 3, then it does not need to be registered in the US. If your ebike does not fit into one of these 3 classes, it will need to be registered and you may need a license and insurance in order for it to be street legal.

Here is a whole article explaining the 3 electric bike classes → “What Class is My Ebike and Why Does It Matter?”

Just check that information over to determine what class your ebike is if you don’t already know. 🙂

Even if you don’t have to register your ebike is it still a good idea to? Keep reading to find out!

Why Should You Register Your Electric Bike?

If you are worried about what might happen if your ebike gets stolen then you should get it registered. Registering your ebike will allow law enforcement to identify it if it turns up in a raid and most ebike brands will need you to register your bike for warranty issues.

When you buy a new electric bike it is important that you read your manual and look for the registration information. Even if you don’t want to register your ebike nationally, you should register it with the company you bought it from.

Once your ebike is registered, if it was ever to be stolen, you will want to report it to the registry right away and to your local law enforcement.

They will file a police report using the information from Bike Index. I have had bikes stolen in the past that were not registered and had to try and remember as much of the information as possible.

This is nearly impossible when it comes to the serial number. You may want to take note of your serial number separately from the Bike Index too just to have it.

How Do You Register Your Electric Bike?

You can register your ebike with your manufacturer, usually on their website, and you can register your ebike nationally at –

Registering with Bike Index will allow law enforcement to check if they have recovered your stolen bike.

This index is also used by many Pawn Shops and local bike shops that buy used bikes and if your bike is registered, they can hold on to it and notify you that it has been recovered.

It is best to register your bike as soon as you get it because you will need the serial number off of it and a description of the bike. This is easier to do when the bike is still “fresh”. You can also add pictures to your registration.

How Much Does It Cost To Register Your Ebike?

Registering your bike with Bike Index is free and could end up being used to retrieve your stolen bike!

You will also be able to register your ebike with the company you bought it from for free and this will be used if you have a warranty issue.

I highly recommend you have your ebike registered with both the Brand you got it from and the Bike Index, even if just for the peace of mind. Best to do this right away so that you don’t put it off till it’s too late!

Which Ebikes Have to be Registered?

If your electric bike does fit into one of the 3 Classes of ebikes, and you plan to ride it legally on the street, you will need to register it with your department of motor vehicles and they may require an M2 tag on your driver’s license.

These unclassified ebikes can usually still be ridden off-road and on private land without being registered.

I would check your local state laws and find out. Modified electric bikes may be subject to special rules depending on just how “modified” they are.

Are There Any Downsides to Registering Your Ebike?

The only real downside of registering your ebike is that if you just bought it used and found out it was already on the Index and reported stolen! 

If this happens you should find the owner and return the bike, just take the loss. You can still be liable for buying and riding a stolen bike.

At the End of the Day

Get your new ebike registered as soon as you can. It is good to have the information in a database just in case the worst happens and it gets stolen.

Registering your ebike is free and you could get it back if it gets stolen.

You can’t register your bike after it’s stolen!

I am sure to register any new bike I buy and you can always check the Bike Index before buying a used bike if you are having questions about the owner’s authenticity.

Stay safe out there and Keep on Riding!

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