Profile of the Haibike Hardseven 5 from the drive side
Haibike Hardseven 5 Hands-on Review (2022)
The Haibike Hardseven 5 is a hardtail electric mountain bike with a Bosch Performance Line Cruise (65 Nm) mid-drive motor and a Bosch 500wh in-tube battery. This ebike has 27.5” wheels and an entry-level...
Profile of the Haibike Hardnine 5 2022 from the drive side
Haibike Hardnine 5 Hands-on Review (2022)
The Haibike Hardnine 5 is a 29er hardtail electric mountain bike with the new Bosch Performance Line Cruise motor (65 Nm) and a 500wh battery that has an entry-level fork.  This ebike is a solid...
All of my gloves on the floor
What are the Best Gloves for Electric Bikes? (Ultimate Summer to Winter Glove Guide)
Gloves and electric bikes go hand in hand! 🙂 One thing you will learn when you start riding an electric bike is that you go faster than a normal bike. This means more wind chill on your precious fingers...
Profile of the Izip Vibe 2021 from the drive side
Izip Vibe Hands-on Review (2021)
The Izip Vibe is the budget-friendly Bosch-powered ebike with a low step-through and upright riding position that is perfect for a lighter weight rider that wants a Bosch mid-drive for cruising around...
Haibike Trekking 5 2022 full view from the drive side
Haibike Trekking 5 Hands-on Review (2022)
The Haibike Trekking 5 is a fully loaded ebike with the new Bosch Performance Line Cruise motor (65nm), a 500wh in-tube battery, and comes with front suspension, full fenders, a rear rack, 2.4” tires,...
What's in the Bag
7 Essential Things You Should Bring on Every Bike Commute (and Why!)
In this article, I will dump out my bag and show you the Power Kit that I bring on every bike commute (every ride, actually) and the six things that are always in it. Bring these with you so you can be...

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Sun setting over a mountain with Chris and his ebike in front

Hello, my name is Chris Phillips and I am not just an ebike enthusiast, I also ride, sell, and service electric bikes. I have ridden over 12,000 miles on electric bikes in the last 2 years, and have discovered a passion for alternative transportation.  Riding electric bikes has changed my life and I now feel like I was born to ride! I would love to help you feel that way too!


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