26 Reasons You Should Buy an Electric Bike in 2022

26 reasons to buy an ebike in 2022

The quality of electric bikes has gone up as prices have gone down! In this article, I will go over some of the reasons that you should start riding an ebike this year.

 If you’re still on the fence about ebikes or just don’t think you’re ready for one yet, Then keep reading and hopefully, I can give you that extra push!

As I was writing this list it got longer than I had originally intended. So, put the reasons into different categories for easier navigation 🙂

Why You Should Get an Ebike This Year:

Because You’re Tired Of…



When you ride an ebike instead of driving a car there are many ways you can beat the traffic.

For one, you get to ride right up to the stoplight every time, so you’re the first through the intersection. Another way to beat traffic is to go a different way.

Ebikes can be ridden on bike paths and dirt paths around your town. As you begin to travel around on an ebike you will find many different ways to get around your town that you never knew existed.

Parking Lots

Parking can be a monumental hassle. Sometimes not being able to find a parking spot can mean you have to turn around and go home or circle around forever. This wastes time and gas.

With an ebike, you just roll right up to where you want to go, lock up your bike and head off. 

Stop Lights

Have you ever been stuck at a light, but you’re so far back in line that even when the light turns green you still don’t make it through? Then have to sit there waiting for yet another green light to allow you to continue with life?

Well, when you ride your ebike you get to go right to the front and you make every green light, the first time it turns green.

Annoying Drivers

Sometimes when you’re driving to work or the store all it takes is one annoying driver to ruin your day. That person that cuts you off or takes your parking spot. We try not to let them get to us, but sometimes it just lowers your hope for humanity.

This happens to me sometimes when I’m riding my ebike but the annoyance of it never lingers. Usually, within a couple of seconds, I’m just in my zone again and cruising along.

You’re Car Owning You

If you have ever had your car break down or run out of gas, you can feel stranded. You realize that you don’t really own your car, it owns you.

Our reliance on cars in the US has caused most of us to mold our lives around being able to drive to places. If something happens to your car, everything else has to be adjusted till that car is fixed.

With an ebike, it is far easier to get repairs done if they are needed and they can be a great alternative vehicle if you do have car troubles.

Using Public Transportation

Oh, the days of having to take the bus. Or waiting for a subway car. Or calling a taxi/Uber/Lyft. As “interesting” as it is to meet the folks who regularly ride public transportation, having your own mode of transportation is freedom.

Save your bus and cab money and ride an ebike instead.

Because You’re Ready To…

Get In Shape

Yes! Ebikes can help you get in shape, even better than regular bikes. With a pedal-assist electric bike, you are still pedaling it’s just not as difficult.

This means that you can ride more consistently. Getting into shape requires regular activity. Just going hard at the gym for one day doesn’t get you into shape. In fact, it will probably cause you to injure yourself.

The great thing about electric bikes is the ability to ride more often because you are not overstressing yourself.

Be Healthier

Doctors always tell us that regular exercise is key to staying healthy. It doesn’t even need to be that much, just 20-30 minutes a day. What they all agree on is that consistency is the most important thing.

Riding an electric bike not only helps you get your healthy amount of exercise but it is super fun to do. Fun things are easy to stick with.

Be Happier

Regular exercise may be one of the best ways to improve your mood. No weird pills, no strange tonics, just getting out and moving around.

I used to suffer from depression and found that since I started riding my ebike on a regular basis my mood has radically transformed.

Whether it’s getting more exercise on a regular basis or just getting out for a ride with my headphones on, I always feel better after riding.

Sleep Better

sleepy kitty

There is a lot going on in the world these days that can cause us to have some sleepless nights.

I find that when I put on my headphones and go for an ebike ride, the worries of the world melt away. It’s just me and the fresh air.

I always sleep much better if I’ve been out riding that day.

Drive less

These two words could be the answer to climate change. Especially in the US. If we could all just drive less our planet would smile.

Do you feel like you spend a large part of the day just driving around? Whether it’s taxiing your kids around, driving to work, driving to school, driving to the store, driving to church, driving to… You get the idea. I’m not asking for miraculous change, let’s just drive less.

Save Money

Gas prices are soaring. The single best way to combat this in your life is to drive less. (see above).

Start offsetting some of your daily errands with an ebike ride instead of driving. Fewer miles on your car saves you money, using less gas saves you money, eventually, your ebike can pay for itself.

This is the Year That You…

Lose Some Weight

sweet dude with little dumbbells

The pandemic has not been the best for many of our waistlines. Let this be the year that you no longer say that you’d like to lose some weight.

But instead, you take action and start losing those extra pounds. Unfortunately, no matter how many times we say we want something, nothing will happen until we start to do something about it.

Ride With Friends

Electric bikes level the playing field when it comes to riding. Do you know people that go out riding together and maybe you’d like to join but are just unsure of yourself?

Whether due to not being able to keep up or go as far, or fear of falling behind, riding an ebike allows you to ride with confidence and use the motor to help you out as needed. It’s like having a handicap in golf so people of different levels can all play together.

Start On A Better Path

I suppose this one is a little more metaphysical than the rest. For me, my life was heading in the wrong direction. Many of the things that I used to do and enjoy were falling by the wayside as life was getting in the way. Bike riding was a big one.

Riding my ebike allowed me to fan that bike riding flame and as that fire began to burn brighter I found myself begging to pick up other things that I had stopped doing. Such as playing the guitar again, eating healthy, staying in shape, exploring new areas, and trying other new things.

The path that I’m on now feels like the one I should be on and ebiking helped me to straighten the course.

Take Some Time For Yourself

As our lives get busy, it is important to just unplug for a bit. Hopping on your ebike and going for a quick ride is like taking a mini-vacation any time you want.

Just put on your favorite music and ride around with no destination in mind. Go somewhere new, go somewhere old, just get out and go somewhere.

Explore Your Area

“I never knew this was here” is something I find myself saying all time while out riding. There are so many places you just can’t get to by car and sometimes walking just takes too long.

Riding an ebike allows you to explore the world around you like never before. Just go down that road to see where it leads. Even if it dead ends, just zip back and try another way. You find all sorts of interesting ways to get around your area that are just not possible when driving.

Because The Pandemic Has Taught You That…

Life Is Short

If you’ve ever thought of maybe getting an ebike, stop thinking, just get one. Don’t wait. The only regret that I and many of my customers have had after buying an ebike is “I wish I would have got one sooner” Now is always the best time any of us have.

Taking Care Of Yourself Matters

These last couple of years have shown us not to overlook our health. Being healthy is the number one thing we can do for ourselves. If we are healthy, we can help others be healthy. If we neglect ourselves, we will not be of much use to anyone else.

You Deserve A Break

Knowing that you can go out and ride your ebike whenever you want is a great feeling. It is a free ticket to the amusement park with no crowds and no waiting. Go ahead and take mini-vacations throughout the day and see how it feels.

You Need Some Fun In Your Life

“I’m going to Disneyland!” You just don’t hear that anymore. Spending a ton of money to go stand in a crowded line with a bunch of other people breathing heavily just isn’t fun.

I’d like my own private rollercoaster that is free to use and I can go anywhere on it. If you’ve never ridden an ebike before, try renting one for an hour or two. It will be a blast.

You Are Worth It

Keep in mind that when you buy an ebike you are really buying everything it can do for you. You’re buying the ride, you’re buying the freedom, you’re buying the joy, you’re buying the healthier version of you and yes, you are worth it.

Because Your Action Is Needed To…

Help The Environment

If you live in or have ever been to, a city where the sky is brown due to smog then you’ve seen the effects of humans. Maybe you will not be able to change the whole world, but you can change your world.

We just need to make some changes in our lives to make the world a little better.

Reverse Climate Change

It’ll take a lot of action to help reverse what is happening on the planet. But nothing will change if we do nothing. Start taking a ride to the store, or ride to work on occasion. Every bit helps.

Reduce Our Reliance On Fossil Fuel

Every time you drive you to support oil companies. Every time you buy gas you support oil companies. The only way to get these companies to switch to greener energy is to eliminate the demand for oil. As long as everyone is burning through it they will keep making it.

Reduce Pollution – Lower Gas Emissions

Let’s face it cars put out a lot of pollution. Every time we drive we make the world a little dirtier. We all have times when driving is the only way to get there, but there are many times when we can choose an alternative.

It’ll take all of us to really make a difference, but I only have control over myself. You only have control over yourself. Even just one ride a week instead of driving helps.

When things shut down at the beginning of the pandemic, skies began to clear, the air was cleaner and you could hear the planet say “Thank You”. 

At The End of the Day

Now is the time. This is your year. An ebike may be just the tool that helps you achieve your goals! If you have considered any of the things listed above, then it’s time to take action. There are so many reasons to start riding an ebike and I hope this list can help you on your journey!